Dr. Mgr Institute Of Special Education And Research

Two-Year B.Ed. Special Education (Hearing Impairment)

Degree Programme (Semester Pattern Under CBCS)




Educate Empower Excel – This is the motto of the Institute that believes Excellence can be achieved by empowering one through education.


Our Vision is to cultivate Competence, Compassion, Care and commitment in teachers of tomorrow.


The Institute has the required infrastructure and is well equipped with required clinical and lab equipment and a committed set of qualified teachers.

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Eligibility for Admission to B.Ed

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to B.Ed. Special Education

(Hearing Impairment) programme (in Government /Government Aided/Self

Financing Colleges of Education) leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Education

(B.Ed.) provided fulfilling the prescribed education qualification and other

requirements as specified in the B.Ed. Special Education (Hearing Impairment)

Admission Guidelines of the Government of Tamil Nadu in force from time to



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Duration of the Programme

The B.Ed. Special Education (Hearing Impairment) programme shall be for duration of two academic years consisting of four semesters.

Each semester is spreadover for a period of 100 working days (36 hours in a week spreading over for 5 or 6 working days in a week, excluding the period of examination and admission.


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The candidates should have undergone 10+2+3(15) or 11+1+3(15) pattern of study and passed the qualifying examination conducted by the respective State Board or CBSE or any other recognized Board of Education / Examination, and UG Degree Examination of the UGC recognized Universities in any one of the school subjects offered by the Directorate of School Education at the Secondary / Higher Secondary Education level.

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